Welcome to FionaDaRocha.com, where our mission is to “Make a Positive Difference in Education.” We are dedicated to being your trusted resource for empowering parents and educators in preparing children aged 3-9 to confidently embark on their educational journey and become confident learners.

As an experienced educator with a background in both mainstream and specialist schools, along with expertise in psychology and special needs, I recognize the profound importance of effectively preparing children for their school experiences. Drawing inspiration from homeschooling and similar pedagogical approaches, our website provides a wealth of advice, strategies, and resources to guide you and your child through this crucial phase of development.

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We firmly believe that learning is a joyful and natural part of life. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that when children perceive learning as fun and integral to their daily experiences, they naturally take ownership of their educational journey. This self-assurance extends to their belief in themselves and their abilities, which is invaluable when it truly matters.

Throughout this website, you will discover a treasure trove of insights, practical tips, and resources, all tried and tested. They’ve been not only evaluated by me, an educator and a mother of three, but also by my colleagues. In my roles, I’ve often been considered a “Mom” figure to numerous children and their parents within the schools I’ve had the privilege to work in.

The ethos of this site is rooted in fostering the growth of happy and confident learners. We provide the necessary support, much like scaffolding, when it’s needed, all while vigilantly ensuring that children develop into confident individuals capable of pursuing their talents and passions with assurance.

Thank you for joining our community, dedicated to the holistic development of young learners. Together, let’s inspire and nurture the confident fliers of tomorrow, wherever their talents and passions may take them.

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