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Encouraging Educators to Make a Positive Difference in Education

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Enjoying What We Do

Making ‘Education’ Fun for both Teachers and Students is the Key to Progress. The sky is the limit when our attitudes to ‘School’ and ‘Education’ is shifted towards actually enjoying the Process….not convinced?


Student Focused Learning:

  • Working with the Individual’s Strengths
  • Creating unexpected and Unusual strategies
  • Making ‘Learning’ Fun and a Surprise
  • Encouraging Students to ‘own’ their Learning, in this way ensuring progression.



 Mission & Vision

Making Education and Learning a Fun and Enjoyable experience for Student and Educators too!

A Word

From Fiona da Rocha

We all have memories from our childhood; our home, friends and the schools we attended. As Educators, we have the ability and the opportunity to enrich those memories and experiences. We can turn back the tide and encourage children to be the best that they can and want to be; according to THEIR abilities and aspirations. Our Vision is to Encourage and Equip Educators help children to become confident and secure in the progress they achieve.

– Fiona da Rocha






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