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About Me

I am Fiona da Rocha. Education Specialist in Special Needs Education with over 13 years experience, a foundational Degree in Psychology, SEN and a Degree in The Education Business.

Making Education a fun-filled Adventure.


As an Educator, my fundamental raison d’être is to encourage and equip students to be the best that they can be – socially and academically- with or without a disability.

A way of achieving that vision is to develop a community of Educators who are able to find relevant information, resources, share experiences and generally support one another towards becoming  Educators who are less stressed, fully equipped and confident to tackle the process of ‘Education’ within and outside of the classroom!

My Story


Sunday School Teacher


Teacher's Assistant


Foundation Degree in Higher Level SEN Support and Psychology


BA Degree Education Business


Student support for Children with Vision Impairment


Staff Governor


Student Support and 1:1 student with Cochlear implant


Author (Children's Books)


Accountancy and Administrator


Digital Marketing Designer


  • Interventions and Strategy
  • Education Business and Policy
  • Special Education Needs

Making a Positive difference in Education


My Approach

‘Every Child Matters’  is the foundation of Best Practice in Education; whether it is in the Special Needs arena or in mainstream education. Understanding the needs of each student and their approach to learning is vital students’ gaining and maintaining their achievements and an important component in adapting our approach to delivering an effective lesson or session.

Every Child has a unique way of learning and absorbing information…and whilst it is not always possible for an individual to cater to each and every child’s’ needs, it is possible to collaborate, exchange ideas and create an atmosphere of mutual respect and expectation of the very best.

During my time of Study and Practice, it has been noted that Theory depicts a very different picture to that which is presented every day in the classroom…however, with the use of Psychological techniques, observation, collaboration, and intervention more than we expect can be achieved. 

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