Empowering Your Child’s Educational Journey

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Take Your Next Step Towards School Readiness

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Resources Created to help Both You and Your Child Navigate through the Educational Journey

Are you ready to equip your child with everything they need for a confident start in school? We’ve got you covered with our free downloadable checklist above, ensuring no essential step is overlooked. But that’s not all! Dive deeper into our comprehensive e-book, “Ready for School,” to gain expert insights and practical tips to make this transition a breeze. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource bundle!

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Discover a world of resources to help you and your child navigate the journey from home to Kindergarten with confidence and eagerness for this next stage.

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Learning is Fun

The Key to building Confidence and avoiding stress is to ensure that enjoyment is factored into activities and learning is the ‘accidental’ result.

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Knowledge is Key and we are here to help Parents and their Children enjoy the process of growing, learning and having fun. Enjoy this time. it only comes once in a lifetime.

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Journals and Records

Recording and keeping track of milestones and changes are a great way to look back and enjoy Your Child’s achievements in the years to come.

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An Educator

"As an educator, understanding children as individuals and gauging their learning styles is invaluable.."

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Educational Resources

“Adapting learning materials to mychild's learning styles and capabilities, made homeschooling my child during the early years much easier and more effective.”

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“Understanding child and adopting a holistic attitude has made learning so much more enjoyable for him!”

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"I love the information and strategies available on the platform. It has made my lessons more engaging and interactive for my students."

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“This website as  an  Early Years Educator has been a game-changer for me. Getting my head around making learning Fun has saved me so much time and has made my teaching more effective.”

Enhancing Early Years Education with Learn and Play

Discover a world of educational resources and activities designed specifically for children in the early years foundation stage.

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Save time with ready-to-use Resources

At Fionadarocha we have created a comprehensive collection of pre-designed resources to save Parents and Educators valuable time in lesson preparation. Helping you focus on engaging with your Child while we focus on preparing the tools you need.

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Access high-quality teaching materials

Enhance your teaching with our extensive library of teaching materials. From worksheets to interactive activities, our resources are designed to engage young learners and make the learning process enjoyable and effective.

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Professional development at your fingertips

Stay updated with the latest teaching strategies and techniques through our professional development resources. Access webinars, workshops, and training materials to continuously improve your skills and deliver the best possible education to your students.

Engaging and Interactive Learning 

Our website offers a wide range of engaging and interactive learning materials that make education fun for children. They can explore various subjects and concepts through games , videos and interactive exercises.

We provide a comprehensive curriculum coverage for the early years foundation stage, ensuring that children have access to all the necessary learning materials and resources to support their development.

Learn and Play is designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible for both parents and educators. They can easily navigate through the website, find relevant resources, and track children’s progress.

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Holistic Development

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Unlocking Potential, One Child at a Time

We are committed to providing quality education to children, fostering their curiosity and love for learning.

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Nurturing Curiosity and Love for Learning

We understand the importance of fostering curiosity and a love for learning in children. Our resources are designed to engage and inspire young minds, encouraging them to explore and discover new things.

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Personalized Learning Experience

We believe that every child is unique and learns at their own pace. Our personalized learning approach ensures that each child receives individual attention and support, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Join the Early Years Educators Hub community today …

“Joining as an Early Years Educator was the best decision I made for my professional development. The resources and training materials have helped me grow as an educator and deliver quality education to my students.” 


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