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Education  &  Media Specialist

Fiona da Rocha

We all have dreams and aspirations to become and do better in life : our journey from childhood into business and beyond is one of learning how to be and do better than we have done before.

At school we are given the practical skills of Reading, Writing and Maths interspersed with various other subjects from the curriculum, aimed at equipping students for their future in the workplace.

Having studied the subject of Education as it pertains to Children with Special Needs, Psychology, Curriculum and Strategy, it is no surprise that given the present preoccupation with Computers, Social Media and advancements online, people experience a sharp disconnect when faced with the fast paced world outside Education.

Technology is advancing and evolving at a fast rate but the progress and the possibilities of what can be achieved are mind blowing…
It is a different world but an exciting time to be living in.

My Experience


Infant School, University, Specialist School, Governor, Mainstream Education, Design and Strategic Marketing.

Having gained a work-based Foundational degree in Psychology and SEN and a BA in The Education Business (Curriculum and Strategy),
my experience in Education has spanned both Mainstream and Specialist establishments:

Beginning as a Teacher’s Assistant in a rural Infant School, continuing into a similar role at Private Special School where I was elected Staff Governor and then back to a Mainstream school assisting a student with a Cochlear Implant.

My career diversified into my present role involving Design and Strategic Marketing, where my writing, creative design and strategic experience come to the fore and is, for me, a totally exciting and natural progression of my career.

Niche Bureau

Design Strategist

Digital Marketing – Website and Content Creation, Branding and Social Media Management.


Vineconnect Ltd

Accountancy and Business admin

Business Management, Accountancy and Adminstrative services. 

2015 – 2018

Sevenoaks Primary School

1:1 Assistant to Student with Cochlear Implant

In close liaisson with Medical Audiology Team in London and Kent County Council services, created pathways and strategies for Learning and integration of Student in the class and socially.

Sept. – Dec. 2013

 Royal London Society for the Blind

Staff Governor

  • Strategy , Policy and Staff Liaison.
  • Ensured Best Practice was incorporated into daily activities with all diciplines engaged and involved in outcomes.
  • Created student focused strategies.
  • Encouraged and ensured that Staff Training included Braille and BSL and were renumerated accordingly.
  • Introduced and maintained programmes that encouraged communication and cooperation between diciplines to ensure that the care and education provided was consistent and holistic.

Sept 2007 – 2013

Greenwich University

Foundation Degree in Learning Support and BA. Hons.Ed.


Oct. 2007 – 2010

Helping  to Make A Positive Difference Through Digital Media


my Skills

Started my career from the ground up by volunteering in mainstream schools, seeing the need for specialist services for children with Special Needs and launching into study by joining the University of Greenwich , where I gained a Foundational Degree in Special Education (1:1) and a Degree in The Education Business (2:1).

  • Strategic Improvement
  • Student and staff Development
  • SEN COnsulting

strategic Improvement

  • Elected Staff Governor
  • Helped to Engender a culture of collaboration across departments.
  • Encouraged and introduced visibility of essential processes that maintained quality of care across the diciplines.
  • Promoted Transparency through the dissemination of outcomes from Governor meetings.
  • Initiated a culture of cross sharing of expertise throughout.

Business Development

  • Collaborated with Teams within the Media departments of the organization.
  • Promoted outreach within the Local community.
  • Initiated inclusion of  staff from a larger variety of departments in meetings and encouraged wider responsibility and remit within departments.


  • Liaise with Media Agencies
  • Discuss strategies to promote articles.
  • Create and Design Videos.
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Awards & Education

BA. Hons.Ed

Education Business

Curriculum, Education Policy, EYFS.


Foundation Degree SEN

Higher Level TA

SEN and Psychology


I’ve Worked With

Video and Content Marketing



Social Media


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