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What is about? was created to provide information, support and resources for Educators; whether you are a Teacher, Parent or Assistant – we all need to work collaboratively to create a positive environment for students, at home or at school.

How can help me as a Teacher?

Teachers are notoriously busy; people involved in building lives usually are! However, there is always room for innovation and learning about new innovations, resources and implementation of Best Practice. Instead of scouring through the vast Library, that the internet has become, check out… we just might have an answer!

How can help me as a Parent?

Parents are the most important people in their children’s lives and are, in fact, the experts¬†on their children. Many Parents do not know this fact or have somehow got mentally lost in the Education system….along with their children! At we seek to address this situation by providing information, encouragement and education into the school system, how it is run and how best to work together towards the One Goal: a happy, fulfilled and confident Child.

How can help me as an Assistant?

Teacher’s Assistants are vital in disseminating the information and Learning Goals to the students. This can only be done effectively through the use of appropriate resources and a deeper understanding of both the topic and the student too. Student-focused¬†Learning is a vital element that must be addressed in order to accomplish the best for the student.

What do you have at, that other Education sites do not?

At, we want to equip Educators holistically, so that you can provide Best Practice. Educators need to find the information regarding Government Policies (that determine the quality of Education provided in schools), Resources to help deliver the aims of each lesson, Psychological Understanding of each Child so that lessons are ‘Student-focused’ with the result being that no Child is left behind in their education.